The International Society for Conversation Analysis (ISCA) is an independent faculty-and-student-based professional association in higher education, designed to serve the needs of scholars of language and social interaction across a variety of disciplines and applications.  Founded in 2010, the Society seeks to provide its members with resources to advance the field by circulating findings, creating better courses, strengthening research, and creating a collective voice for the development and application of professional findings.

A major aim of ISCA is to encourage and enhance interdisciplinary research into the structure and dynamics of social interaction through the creation of a multi-disciplinary community of scholars. From its beginning, the organization has been committed to the notion that broad advances in the understanding of social interaction require disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to research and learning.

ICCA 2018 closing party (anonymized by Jessica Young)
ICCA 2018 closing party (anonymized by Jessica Young)

New dates for ICCA 2023: the pre-conference workshops are scheduled for June 26–28, 2023. The conference itself will start in the evening of June 28th and end on Sunday July 2nd, 2023. 

Read a full account of the reasons for the delay of the 2022 conference here.

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