Member Benefits

There are many reasons for joining ISCA - amongst them to support our aims (see the About ISCA page for more on that) and our activities such as the publication of the Schegloff Media Archive, our Member Forum Newsletter, the State of Talk podcasts, and the CA day archive, etc. etc.

There are also a range of resources provided solely for ISCA members these include:

  • 36 videos of Emanuel Schegloff's original lectures, syllabi, transcripts, handouts, exercises and readings for Conversational Structures I (Fall 2003) and II (Winter 2004) at UCLA
  • The Schegloff Course Data archive that goes with the lectures.
  • The Jefferson Index: an index to Sacks' Lectures on Conversation prepared from Jefferson's notes by Gene Lerner
  • A hefty discount on subscriptions to the journal Research on Language and Social Interaction.
  • Significant discounts for all ISCA-affiliated conferences and our major international conference, ICCA.

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