The State of Talk Podcast aims to create a space where we can connect to each other’s programs of research in a more conversational way. Here, we will explore the fascinating array of individuals, insights, data and ideas that are brought together by EM/CA research.

Through these podcasts, may we get inspired about the projects and discoveries across the EM/CA community, and stoke the fire in our belly for our own work. We hope to offer space for academics to talk about their unique projects, interests, insights, and what inspires them about their work. We offer an adaptable space, opening the possibilities for hosts/speakers to try out their ideas and formats to explore their offerings, and whereby each podcast bears the potential of being as individual as its contributors.

We are in the vastly complex world of human interaction, join us to hear more about what we have discovered here.

If you would like to contribute to the (EM/CA podcast name) series, we would love to hear from you! Please be in touch with