ISCA support for conferences and workshops

We solicit proposals for ICCA every four years with a goal of announcing the next ICCA hosts at the General Assembly held during the ICCA meeting. If you are interested in hosting ICCA, please contact the ISCA president.

If you are interested in hosting a teaching/workshop event or a conference and would like ISCA to support your event, here are some guidelines about how to approach the Board.

What we aim to support

We are looking for proposals consistent with our stated goals:

  • to promote CA as an approach on a global level
  • to cooperate with national and regional societies studying language and social interaction
  • to organize and promote summer and winter schools as well as specialized meetings on CA and interaction
  • to promote events that are complementary rather than competitive with ICCA, held every 4 years as a primary international in-person event

What you can request

  • ISCA welcomes proposals to hold events for sponsorship, support, or promotion.
  • We expect the event to have a full proposal with a budget and facilities thoroughly specified.
  • We are open to fully sponsoring an event where individuals organize it as an ISCA event. In turn, ISCA assumes the financial risk and reaps any financial reward, and also oversees the infrastructure, including managing registration for the event. Event organizers, rather than ISCA, supply the vision, and select speakers, papers, and workshop leaders.
  • We are also open to providing only in-kind support where, for instance, we offer registration services or help to collect fees, and then provide organizers with a list of registrants - but where the event ownership remains with the proposing organization.

What we have supported in the past

  • Typically, in years when there is no ICCA conference, ISCA has supported relatively small summer schools and regional conferences, working with organizers to fine-tune a proposal and providing the registration infrastructure.

What we hope to see more of in the future

  • Summer schools
  • Proposals from more countries and communities in the world
  • Specialized conferences that can attract more students and early career researchers to the field

What to send us and when

A proposal should include:

  • a description of the event you envision, its goals, its target audience, the organizers, location, facilities, and a full budget. Be sure to include specifically what you are looking for from us.
  • Proposals should be sent to the ISCA President directly who will do an initial review and advise of components that should be addressed prior to being reviewed by the Board.
  • The ISCA Board meets quarterly, so we need significant lead time. Ideally, proposals should be sent at least 12 months before the event to allow for revisions to the proposal before a second board meeting. Most proposals that are ultimately approved require revision. If you anticipate needing more than 9 months of planning, please send the proposal 15-18 months ahead of the event. For consideration at a winter meeting, please send proposals by December 1; at a spring meeting, by March 1; at a summer meeting, by June 1; at a fall meeting, by September 1.

You can find ISCA logos and branding materials to promote our support for your event .