Harvey Sacks

Lectures on Conversation

Vol. I & II



Compiled by Gail Jefferson

{ Edited by Gene Lerner }

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Volume I

F ’64 -

S ’65

Lecture 1

p. 3

SPC “This is Mr. Smith”, etc.

p. 6 “Hey, you got a cigarette Axum”
pp. 7-8 SPC “I can’t hear you” sequence

Lecture 2

pp. 12-13

3 fragments: suicide threats get laughed off

pp. 16-17 “She didn’t invite me”
p. 18  “Why don’t you ask me out to dinner anymore?”
p. 19 “Hope you have a good time.” “Why?”

Lecture 3

p. 21


SPC “Do you have a gun at home?”...”Everyone does”

p. 22 SPC “It’s a little difficult for me to speak now”

Lecture 4

p. 32

SPC  “You want to find out if anybody really does care” (cf. p. 349)

Lecture 5

p. 36

SPC “And daddy died…they just said he was a great guy”


pp. 36-37 “Nothing happens anymore”

Lecture 6

p. 44

GTS “She’s in the girls’ tumbling team”…[but]

p. 44 SPC “I’m 48”…[but]
p. 45 “Women will be women”, etc.
p. 46 SPC  “I was a hairstylist at one time” (cf. p. 579)

Lecture 7

pp. 49-50

Yiddish joke re. “Can you tell me the time?”

pp. 52-54 3 fragments: Q-A ‘conclusion’
p. 55 “Did you talk Marcia into coming down here?” (re. Q-q-a, q-a-A: “a parenthesis”, “an interlude”)
pp. 55-56 Telford Taylor anecdote: Q-A series
p. 56 SPC  “Have you ever been in AA?” “I don’t drink”

Lecture 8

p. 57

SPC  3 fragments re. ‘normal’

p. 60 GTS  “It was nice having a chick in the room” (cf. p. 461, p. 597,     Volume II p. 98)
p. 61 “Mama has so much on her mind I forgot all about it”
p. 64 Police files re. discovering-a-body sequence
p. 65 Dead baby rescue sequence

Lecture 9

p. 66

SPC “I’m nothing”

p. 68 SPC “What man wants [x]? no man.”
p. 69 “…the way that a counterfeit bill might feel”

Lecture 10

pp. 72-73

7 accounts of calls to Suicide Prevention Center

pp. 75-76 3 ‘requests for information’
p. 76 1 account of call to Suicide Prevention Center  (“X told me to call”)

Lecture 11

p. 82

Exchanging glances about a girl smoking a pipe

p. 89 Unshaven bum in big flashy car
pp. 90-91 Reports re. ‘helping’? / ‘meddling’?

Lecture 12

pp. 99-100

GTS “What’s black and white and hides in caves?”

Lecture 13

p. 104

Bruner on Proverbs

pp. 104-105 Homans on Proverbs
p. 105 “Better the devil you know…”
p. 107 Taylor on Proverbs
p. 108 “I never really loved you”
p. 110 “Last year on this day I had [x] for lunch”

Lecture 14

p. 113

“Didn’t you smack her one?” (cf. pp. 185, 411)

p. 120 “My gosh, son, you have toothpowder all over your cheeks” (Barker & Wright)
p. 121 “I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself” (Genesis)
pp. 121-122 “I cannot give credence to the men’s protestations of innocence” (Arbitration Decision) (cf. pp. 412-413)
pp. 122-123 “...there seems to be no reason why she should have chosen this particular time to end her life” (Coroner’s report)
pp. 123-124 “Do you expect us to believe that a doctor whose name you don’t even know told you to wait there five hours ago and that he hasn’t come back yet?” (Nurse to mental patient)


F ’65

GTS Handout

pp. 136-143


Lecture 3

pp. 144-145

GTS  “We were in an automobile discussion...” (cf. pp. 651-652,      Volume II pp.56-57)

Lecture 5

p. 160

p. 161

“Good morning mother of asses” “ood morning, my son” (cf. p. 419)

GTS  “I decided that years ago” (cf. p. 693)

Lecture 7

p. 170

p. 171

GTS  “We got company”

“...Abraham the Hebrew...”

Lecture 9

p. 185

“Didn’t you smack her one?” (cf. pp. 113, 411)

Lecture 10

p. 191

GTS “...arresting people on Hollywood Boulevard for dirty windshields”

Lecture 11

p. 193


GTS “If you go’re bound to get caught...”


p. 194 Pope Gregory, 6th C: “What you want to do is fit our terminology and our ways to whatever given ways these people have.”

Lecture 12

pp. 199-200


“I stopped [therapy] right when I was looking at the whole gory mess”


p. 200 “We were viewed as returning spirits...” (Berndt)

Lecture 14

p. 205

NAVY PILOT data (cf. p. 307)

Appendix A

p. 223

“The baby cried...”

Appendix B

p. 230

p. 230

p. 231

“The baby cried...”

“You know what?”

“What are you doing” “Nothing”


S ’66

Lecture 1

p. 236

“The baby cried...”

Lecture 1 (R)

p. 243

pp. 249-250

“The baby cried...”

SPC  “I was a hairstylist at one time” (cf. p. 579)

Lecture 2 (R)

p. 262

p. 262

“Didn’t you hear someone say hello?”

“Colorless green ideas sleep furiously”

Lecture 04.a

p. 281

p. 289

p. 290

GTS Greetings/Introduction sequence

GTS  “Who’s Jim Reed?” “New guy...” (cf. p. 306, 326)

GTS  “Who’s Fido?”... “...a waitress”

Lecture 4

p. 303

pp. 304-305

“What brings you here?” (First Five Minutes)

“What are you doing tonight?” “Nothing”

Lecture 5

p. 306

p. 307

p. 311

“Who are you?” “I’m X’s child” (cf. pp. 289-290, 326)

NAVY PILOT data (cf. p. 205)

“Mm hm”

Lecture 6

p. 318

GTS  “Hello Jim, take a whiff...”

Lecture 7

p. 326

“Who’s that?” “...that’s Una’s mother” (cf.  p. 306, Volume II p. 201, p. 452)

Lecture 8

p. 335

p. 340

“We [Yugoslavians] haven’t had good roads since...” (cf. p. 738)

“He was a rather queer person” (Von Neumann re. Fuchs)

Lecture 10

p. 342

p. 346

GTS  “I still say though that...”

GTS  “Not unless you do it right”

Lecture 11

p. 348

GTS  “I still say though that...”

p. 349 GTS  “I was...plonking along at a regular speed,” “And a grasshopper jumped onto the road who you recognized!”
p. 349 SPC  “You just want to know if someone cares” (cf. p. 32)
p. 349 GTS  “You lay in the ground. . . . you’re planted.”
p. 350 “You have to think of other people, too”
p. 350 GTS  “Yes, Mommy” (cf. p. 419)
p. 352 “We can be very blind to the things around us”

Lecture 12

p. 356

pp. 356-357

p. 357

p. 359

“Why would I get fired? Because people are bastards”

“As a result of these conditions, Elizabeth became pregnant”

“There’s an unaccounted for three-year old child...”

3 fragments: “She’s very nice, but...”, “I like her very much, but...”, “I love Theresa...but...”

Lecture 14

p. 371

p. 373

p. 375

JFK: “Children should bury their fathers”

Qs in TV show What’s My Line (only 35% with ‘Q’ intonation)

“What are you going to say to Otto ?”....[post ‘two intervening conversations’]...“What did he say?”

Lecture 16

p. 386

THE CRATE: “Was it there where they usually burn things?” (cf. pp. 608-609)

Lecture 17

p. 389

Nuer cattle (cf. p. 601, Volume II p. 75)

Lecture 20

p. 411

pp. 412-413

“Didn’t you smack her one?”

“I cannot give credence to the men’s protestations of innocence” (Arbitration Decision) (cf. pp. 121-22)

Lecture 21

p. 419

p. 419

pp. 420-421

p. 423

p. 424

GTS  “Yes, Mommy” (cf. p. 350)

“Good morning mother of asses” “Good morning, my son” (cf. p. 160)

GTS  “...poor little rich kid...” / “...chicken shit...”

“All Falani are liars” (cf. p. 697)

“All painters are liars” (cf. p. 697)

Lecture 24

p. 435

GTS fragments re. “I drive fast”

Lecture 26

p. 443

GTS  “You give lip back to everybody”

Lecture 27

p. 450

GTS  “A green?” (cf. p. 726)

Lecture 28

p. 456

GTS  “He smokes like me”/ “He’s not at all like Ken. He’s more like Al and I.”  (cf. p. 790)

Lecture 29

p. 461

GTS  “It was nice having a chick in the room” (cf. pp. 60, 597, Volume II p. 98)

Lecture 31

p. 473

“I can’t get out of the ship while it’s going” (Isaacs) “There’s a car coming” (Barker & Wright, ms) 1


W ’67

February 16

pp. 519-520

GTS  “Who’s paying for this...?”

March 2

p. 528

GTS  “In your own humility?” (Appendor Question)

p. 529 GTS  “Ken, why don’t you make these arrangements out of here” (cf. p. 595, Volume II p. 100)
p. 531 GTS  “I’ll give you til three to move”

March 9

pp. 535-536

GTS  “Hey I shaved this morning....”

p. 536 GTS  “It blew up”
pp. 536-537 SBL  “...gosh awful wreck”/ “...the fall at the Bowl...” (cf. Volume II p. 3, pp. 229, 241)
pp. 538-539 GTS  “Not to be changing the subject, but she brought it up”
p. 543 GTS  “I did, too” (cf. p. 735)
p.543 GTS  “You’re picking on people weaker than you”


S ’67

Lecture 8

p. 553

Julius Klein ‘influence peddler’, greeting congressmen

Lecture 9

p. 559

p. 566

GTS  “If he wants to be mean....”

Emily Post & Amy Vanderbilt on answering “How  are you”

Lecture 12

p. 579

SPC  “I was a hairstylist at one time” (cf. p. 46)

Lecture 14

p. 593

p. 595

GTS  “Turn on the microphone”

GTS  “What’s new, gentlemen?”/ “Ken, why don’t you make those arrangements out of here” (cf. p. 529, Volume II p. 100)

Lecture 15.1

p. 597


GTS  “It was nice having a chick in here” (cf. pp. 60, 461), Volume II p. 98)

p. 599 GTS  “This place costs too much money”

Lecture 15.2

p. 601

Nuer cattle (cf. p. 389, Volume II p. 75)

Lecture 16

pp. 608-609

THE CRATE: “Was it there where they usually burn things...?” (cf. p. 386)

Lecture 17

p. 611

p. 612

GTS  “I was on the ranch...”

GTS  “Hey, you got the matches?” “Yeah, I got some matches”

GTS  “Hey throw me my matches” “Your matches,  she gave them to   me.”


F ’67

Lecture 1

p. 624

p. 629

p. 641

E. Albert: “The order in which individuals speak in a group is strictly determined...”

Rules of precedence in the British aristocracy  (two little boys; one the Queen’s son, one a Duke’s son)

“I thought I could help him with supervision”

Lecture 4

p. 651

GTS  “You were trying uh” “to play along with us”

pp. 651-652 GTS  “We were in an automobile discussion”  “discussing the psychological motives for” “drag racing on the streets” (cf. pp. 144-145, Volume II pp. 56-57)
p. 652 GTS “They make miserable coffee” “Across the street?”
p. 653 GTS  “I gave him an inferiority complex” “And I got him to shave”
p. 654 GTS “I’m not happy” “About Roger selling you a car that blew up.”

Lecture 5

p. 657

A: “Pass the salt”  B: “Please” A: “Please” (Barker & Wright?)

Lecture 6

p. 665

GTS  D: “Well Roger uh”  R: “Hm?” D: “introduced a kind of topic when he...”

p. 666 GTS Introduction sequence
p. 669 GTS  “Tell us all about yourself...” “Yeah hurry up”

Lecture 7

p. 676

p. 680

GTS  “Bitchin school...” “Kinda groovy”

GTS  “I was at the police station this morning”

Lecture 8

p. 686

p. 687-688

p. 690

JACK & JUDY: “Say, what are you doing?” “Well, we’re going out. Why.” “Oh I was just going to say...come over...”

“What’s chocolate filbert?” “We don’t have any”, etc.

GTS  “What is- what are those, cigars?”

Lecture 9

p. 693

p. 697

GTS  “I decided that years ago the hell with you” (cf. p. 161)

 “All Felani are liars”, “all painters are liars” (cf. pp. 423, 424)


Lecture 10

p. 708

pp. 709-710

“...the vast majority of us feel otherwise”

Gans excerpt, The Urban Villagers

Lecture 011

p. 711

pp. 713-714

Johnson / Truman: 3rd person reference to a 2nd person

“They said ‘we’re sorry’.” / “We don’t supply [cigarettes] anymore.” / “They don’t want to see your back.”(cf. p. 774)


Lecture 11

pp. 720-721

“I mean...” “You mean...” in ‘explications’ (cf. pp. 730-732)


Lecture 12

p. 722

GTS “Let me have a cigar” . . .“Hey let me have one, please?” (same speaker, after intervening talk)

p. 723 “You want a what?” “You’d be a what?” “All the what?”
p. 726 “A green?” / “Who’s Wayne Morse.” (cf. p. 450)
pp. 727-728 “With his what?”

Lecture 13

pp. 730-732

GTS “No I mean Al”, “No I mean you wouldn’t mind if your [parents] got kidnapped” (cf. pp. 720-721)

p. 735 GTS  “Ye(hh)s! I did too” (cf. p. 543)
p. 736 GTS  “I still say though that...”
p. 738 “We haven’t had good roads since Roman times...” (cf. p. 335)

Lecture 14

p. 740

GTS  “When did you have the cast taken off” “Tuesday”


S ’68

April 17

p. 752

SBL  “...the woman who lives there now...”

pp. 753-754 TRIO  “...there were two police cars across the street...”
p. 754 SBL  “She’s quite a young woman, only in her fifties”
p. 755 SBL  “...don’t say it’s for Avon...just ask for Audrey”
pp. 755-756 Perry’s comparison of Homer’s Iliad  “And they with high thoughts upon the bridges of war....” and Pope’s version
p. 757 GTS  “If you’re going to be a politician, you better learn how to smoke cigars.” . . . “I heard a very astounding thing about pipes last night”
p. 757 My name is Mrs. Smith, my husband is Dr. Smith”
p. 761 GTS  “Hey I shaved...last night for you”
pp. 762-763 SBL “Well,  he wants to make a change”
p. 763 SBL “Now, I don’t know about the yard...”

April 24

pp. 764-765

SBL  “We’ve had special calls from the girls’ club asking for more

p. 774 “Do you have a cigarette?” “No we don’t” (cf. pp. 713-714)
p. 776

TRIO “I didn’t even say anything to Teddy about it when I got home because I just thought it was so kind of silly”

p. 778 SBL  “Well, I’ll check with you Sunday...”
p. 780 First day in a concentration camp: “Little by little conversation sprang up from bunk to bunk. The rumors were already beginning to circulate. Luckily the news is good. We’ll be home soon. We’ll have an unusual experience to talk about.”  (Volume II p. 218)

May 22

p. 784

“M-a-u-e-r,” (pause) “h-a-n.”

May 29

p. 787

“At first he thought...then he realized...”

p. 790 GTS “He’s not at all like Ken. He’s more like Al and I” (cf. p. 456)
p. 790 “Say did you see anything in the paper last night...”/ “Hey you know I almost didn’t make it here this morning...”
pp. 791-792 “Want to come out and have lunch with me?” “No, let me take you to lunch...”... “Don’t fix very much...”
p. 793 “I just wanted to say...”
p. 795 “We were sitting there watching TV and all of a sudden we heard this crash...”
pp. 795-796 OH GOD XMAS  data (cf. pp. 799, 800, Volume  II pp. 271-272, 303-304, 499-501)
pp. 797-798 TRIO  A to B: “colored lady”, B to C: “k-Negro woman”, C to B: “No no...that was one of the employees” (cf. Volume II p. 180)
p. 799 OH GOD XMAS “Kim was in talking to mother. And then Kim came out to me...” (cf. Volume II pp. 271-272)
p. 800 OH GOD XMAS  “At least it was for her use”

Volume II

F ’68

Lecture 1

p. 3




SBL  “I the paper for the fall over at the Bowl...” (cf. Volume I pp. 536-537, Volume II pp. 229, 241)

p. 8

DA A:  How long are you going to be in town?2      B:  Till Wednesday.  

 A:  Oh you’ll just be here a week           (cf. pp. 140, 253)

p. 10 SBL  A: I already have a (1.0) a deposit for it.  B:“Well good!” A:“Isn’t that something?”
p. 13 New York Times article “...Ngoon gave the message to Joseph’s mother. The message was neither interesting enough nor important enough to the two boys for them to discuss it over the phone themselves.”

Lecture 2

p. 20

GTS: “Some guys talked me into doing houses”

Lecture 4

p. 51

“That it may go well with thee...”

Lecture 5

pp. 56-57

GTS Introduction sequence / “We were in an automobile discussion” etc.

(cf. Volume I pp. 144-145, 651-652)

Lecture 6

p. 75

Nuer cattle  (cf. Volume I pp. 389, 601)


W ’69

Lecture 1

p. 87

pp. 88-89

p. 90

p. 94

GTS  “Hey you have a hole in your shoe”

GTS  “Hey I shaved...last night for you”

GTS  “It blew up” [re the Austin Healey]

JFK re. RFK “You want to know what kind of slob he is, he still wears buttondown collars.”

Lecture 2

p. 98

p. 100

GTS  “It was nice...having a chick in here” (cf. Volume I pp. 461, 597)

GTS  D: Ken, why don’t you make those arrangements out of here . . . A: Yes, teacher    (cf. Volume I pp. 529, 595)

Lecture 3

p. 104

GTS  “Turn on the microphone”

Lecture 7

p. 114

GTS  “Why the hell are you going to put a Ford in a Jeep”

Lecture 8

p. 126

p. 133

NB “I felt like a den mother”

GTS “He was defending you”

Lecture 9

pp. 139-140

SBL “Red Bluff”

p. 140

DA  A:  How long are you going to be in town? 3
           B:   Uh, til about Monday

 A:   Oh it’ll be just a week then          (cf. pp. 8, 253)

p. 141 DA A:  Where are you staying? 4

 B:   In Pacific Pallisades

A:   Oh at the west side of town
pp. 147-148 SBL  “I’m reading one of Harold Sherman’s books”
p. 152 SBL  “And it left her quite permanently damaged, I suppose”


W ’70

Lecture 1

p. 158

TRIO I Opening “Hello,” “Jeanette,” “Yeah,”

Lecture 2

p. 176

TRIO I  “Did you have the day off?”

p. 177 NB  “Did you get your newspaper this morning? Bud ...put it up on your porch”
p. 180 TRIO  “...colored lady” (cf. Volume I pp. 797-798)

Lecture 4

p. 192

pp. 198-199

ADATO topic//greetings//topic

T:    . . .Russia and all these- uh, Hi Matt!

M:   Hi

T:     Russia and all these other countries. . .

Master-slave conversation “Ah Master...” “Yes Master”`, etc.

Lecture 5

p. 201

“Do you know Sergeant Smith?...Well I’m a friend of his...”  (cf. Volume I p. 326, Volume II p. 452)

pp. 201-202 SBL  elaborate opening (including A: Vera?, B: Ye:s.) (cf. p.158)
p. 202 SBL “Am I taking you away from your dinner?”
pp. 205-206 ADATO: “my good Irish tie”  (‘joking relationship’)
p. 207 NB  “...keep people’s power tools”
p. 209 SBL  “Were you eating?
pp. 209-210 SBL  “Are you cooking your dinner dear?”
p. 210 SBL  “Well do you want to come out and have lunch with me?”


S ’70

Lecture 1

p. 218


pp. 229, 241

p. 253

First day in a concentration camp: “We’ll have an unusual experience to talk about.” (cf. Volume I pp. 780, 799)

SBL  “Gosh awful wreck” (cf. Volume I pp. 536-537)

DA    A:   How long are you going to be here? 5 

             B:   Til Monday.

  A:   Oh. Just a week. (cf. pp. 8, 140)

Lecture 5

p. 259

Fromm-Reichmann: “the psychotherapist must be able to listen...without reacting along the lines of one’s own...experience”

Lecture 6

pp. 261-262

pp. 262-263

pp. 263-264

pp. 266-267

ADATO  ‘Romney was brainwashed’,  ‘henpecked husband’ anecdote

GTS Ken was grounded, ‘gas chamber’ anecdote

CRANDALL blind lady’s complaint, blind-to-the-problem explanation

GTS  “We didn’t go to bed [with] each other” (cf. p. 453)

Lecture 7

pp. 269-270

pp. 271-272


p. 275

NB  “Boy, there goes a great gal” (cf. p. 295)

OH GOD XMAS  “Kim was in talking to mother...” (cf. Volume I p. 799, Volume II  pp. 294, 303-304, 499, 501)

NB  “We hehh we swam in the nude...”

Lecture 8

p. 283

p. 284

p. 285

ADATO hippie producer

GTS  “heh! Wh(hh)en I grow up! heh”

ADATO  “...turned in his draft card...”


W ’71

February 19

p. 291

p. 294

p. 295

p. 295

p. 298


pp. 299-300

pp. 301-302

NB  “Wasn’t that the dirtiest place?”

OH GOD XMAS  “Kim was in talking to mother...” (cf. Volume I p. 799, Volume II  pp. 294, 303-304, 499, 501)

NB  “Boy there goes a great gal” (cf. pp. 269-270)

NB  “So I went out and God the first thing I knew there’s Rick. right ((laugh)) behind me.”

SCHENKEIN DAR chicken liver Mexican pottery

SCHENKEIN watchdog tiger Born Free

NB  “I was just out washing windows” “I met a very very nice guy”

March 4

pp. 303-304


p. 307

p. 313

OH GOD XMAS  “Kim was in talking to mother...” (cf. Volume I p. 799, Volume II  pp. 294, 303-304, 499, 501)

GTS  “room” . . . “roof”

GTS   Louise: “We went out for ice cream”

March 11

pp. 318-320

p. 323

pp. 323-324

SCHENKEIN Herring sequence

OH GOD XMAS  “the past 3 times” (numbers flurry)

SCHENKEIN  “so you have to view it from both sides” (numbers flurry)


S ’71

April 5

pp. 340-341

GTS  “Pike”/“POP”

April 9

pp. 348-349

GTS  “Pike”/“POP”

April 12

p. 355

GTS  pre-Pike/POP  “sexual problems” “I went to the Pike” “Isn’t the New Pike depressing?”

April 19

pp. 360-361

JACK & JUDY (entire conversation)

April 23

p. 367

JACK & JUDY “Talk, you mean get drunk...”

April 26

p. 370

JACK & JUDY “Talk, you mean get drunk...”

April 30

pp. 376-377

SPC New Year’s Eve opening

May 3

p. 386

pp. 386-387

pp. 387-388

pp. 388-389

SPC NYE “Doesn’t it bore you, talking to me?”

SPC NYE  “Go to a clinic” (3 times)

SPC NYE  “Sounds like a real professional uh huh, uh huh, uh huh”

SPC NYE  “I know just exactly what you’re thinking”

May 10

p. 395

SPC NYE  “You’re making me laugh. I must be feeling better.”

May 21

pp. 402-403

p. 403

SPC NYE closing

SPC NYE  “It was like a surgeon getting down to the disease...all of a sudden he opens you up and there’s the disease...”

May 24

pp. 412-413

SPC NYE “Do you belong to a church now?” answer: [“No”+]


F ’71

Lecture 1

pp. 420-421

GTS  Ken’s sister’s dirty joke (cf. pp. 470-472)

Lecture 3

pp. 431-432

pp. 435-436

GTS  “...skirted around the subject”

GTS  Roger:  “I see it as a whole picture”

Lecture 4

pp. 437

SCHENKEIN  swap meet traffic jam

Lecture 5

p. 444

GTS  Louise: “...this guy that I liked a real lot”

p. 446 NB “And Jan, uh this friend of mine...”
pp. 446-447 GTS “So Jack s- uh one guy bought...” 6
pp. 448-449 GTS  “Who’s Joelle?”

p. 449

DA  “What’s your friend’s name. ’Cause my son lives [in the same area].”
p. 450

ADATO  “that guy” “Jordan?”

SBL  “that gal” “Brady.”

SBL  “what’s her name” “Sue?”

p. 451 GTS  “that clod” “the quack!”
p. 452

SBL  “one of Harold Sherman’s books”

“...that’s Una’s mother” (cf. Volume I p. 326, Volume II p. 201)

Lecture 6

p. 453

GTS Louise: “We didn’t go to bed [with] each other” (‘defensively-designed’ story) (cf. pp. 266-267)

Lecture 7

pp. 458-460

ADATO Insurance salesman story “I met a guy in Jersey”

Lecture 9

pp. 470-472

GTS Ken’s sister’s dirty joke (entire segment) (cf. pp. 420-421)

Lecture 11

p. 483

NB, re. RFK assassination: “it would have ruined your whole trip” / kid’s home run as “the only good thing that happened to me this week.”

Lecture 14

pp. 499, 501

OH GOD XMAS data (cf. Volume I pp. 795-796, 798, 800, Volume II pp. 271-272, 303-304)

Lecture 15

p. 512

SCHENKEIN: Ethel’s “thought” as possibly a dream


S ’72

Lecture 2

p. 537

NB  “Are you the oldest one in the class?” “Oh, by far.”

Lecture 3

p. 542

JG  “Is Maggie there?” call opening

Lecture 5

p. 561

JG  “How did you survive the earthquake? and the fires and the floods and everything”

Lecture 6

p. 573

NB  “I had a little operation on my toe...”

1 In each case it’s a response to a command by an adult. This stuff has the same feel as daughter to mother in Ken’s dirty joke: “You told me never to speak with my mouth full.” [GJ 1992]<

2 Actual version shown in fn:

A: How long are you going to be here
B: Uh: (∙) not too long. uh:: just until uh:: I think Monday. (1.2)
A: Till, oh you mean like a week tomorrow,

3 See fn 2 above

4 Actual version shown in fn:

A:  Now you told me you eh-uh-where are you.=Are you at uh: Puh-ih: (∙) Palos uh:
B:   eh-No in ah:::::uh: (∙) ∙t Marina del Rey.
B:   Marina del Rey.=
A:   =Oh Marina del Re:[y.
B:                                    [Yah.

5 See fn 2 above


Actual version is more complex:  

R:  So we wen’ around the room they were takin’ orders. So Jack- k- this uh one guy bought uh dollar fifty worth a’ Ripple, next guy bough(hh)t a dollar fifty worth a’glue hheh.
J:    heh heh // heh heh
A:   hehheh heh heh!
R:   hhmhhh heh ‘Planning on gettin’ gassed. huh Jack’!