Remote data sessions (RDS) are an opportunity for the world-wide EM/CA community, especially graduate students, to present and analyze data collaboratively with others online.

Still from an RDS session showing video data and participants below

Remote data sessions allow analysts who may not have a local, regular EM/CA group, or who may be unable to travel to attend one, to participate in data sessions.

RDS is a great way to meet and collaborate with the EM/CA community worldwide

You can read more about the background of the RDS project on this blog post.

How it works

Remote data sessions use an online video conferencing and presentation system, which can host up to 15 people, but more may join in small groups sharing a computer and webcam.

Join a session

To join as a participant in the next remote data session, please fill in the RDS sign-up form. If there is space available, you will be given a slot at the next session, or placed on a waiting list. Anyone may join as a participant.

Lead a session

Anyone may lead a session based on your own data – just fill in our data proposal form. Also, If you, as an ISCA member, would like to host one for your own remote EM/CA community, please get in touch with us to arrange technical access.

The RDS committee

  • Jack Joyce (Ulster University)
  • Marina Cantarutti (University of York/The Open University)
  • Natalie Flint (Ulster University)

Contact us at: