Anita Pomerantz

In this episode, Saul Albert (Loughborough University) does a data session and a short interview with Anita Pomerantz, Professor Emerita in the Department of Communication at the State University of New York at Albany.  Her conversation analytic work on agreeing and disagreeing, seeking and providing information and negotiating responsibility for blameworthy and praiseworthy deeds has been foundational for the field, opening up new areas of basic CA work, and has shaped the rich field of applied CA work – including her own – in medical and legal contexts.  She has served as Chair of the Language and Social Interaction Divisions of both the National Communication Association and the International Communication Association, and has recently completed a book with Oxford University Press entitled “Asking and Telling in Conversation”

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Pomerantz, A. (1978). Attributions of Responsibility: Blamings. Sociology, 12(1), 115-121.

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