Anne Warfield Rawls

Welcome to the State of Talk podcast. For this episode Elliott Hoey interviews Prof. Anne Warfield Rawls, Professor of Sociology at Bentlee University and Research Professor of Socio-informatics at the University of Siegen. We got to talk to Anne about a new and incredibly timely and important anthology of papers she put together with Waverly Duck and Kevin Whitehead called Black Lives Matter: Ethnomethodological and Conversation Analytic Studies of Race and Systemic Racism in Everyday Interaction.

This interview format is just one of many formats that we – the ISCA publication committee – are currently testing. Our broader aims – with the new website, the social media presence, and the Forum Newsletter is to generate discussion, collaboration, and put a fire in our belly about the interactional discoveries that can only come from our kinds of naturalistic inquiries.

If you have ideas or want to participate, please go to –  and reach out to us. We would love your input in what we are building, which we hope is a truly International connection amongst our EM and CA communities.

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