Mardi Kidwell

Welcome to the State of Talk podcast, brought to you by the International Society for Conversation Analysis. In this episode, Saul Albert (Loughborough University) conducts a data session with Professor Mardi Kidwell. Professor Kidwell is chair of the department of communication at the University of New Hampshire. Her research deals with all aspects of embodied communication and has centred on studies of police–citizen communication and children’s communication. Her contributions to fundamental conversation analytic work have focused on gaze, facial and bodily orientations, mutual attentiveness and availability, and the overall coordination of practical meaning in interaction.

This data session format, where we sit down with a scholar and look at some data that they’ve previously examined, is just one of the many formats that we — the ISCA Publication Committee — are currently testing out. Our broader aims, with the new website, the social media presence, and the Forum Newsletter, is to generate discussion, collaboration, and get people excited about the interactional discoveries that can only come from our form of naturalistic inquiry. If you have ideas or you want to participate, please reach out to us at We’d love your input on what we’re building, which we hope is a truly international connection among our EM and CA communities.

Papers referenced in the podcast:

Kidwell, M., & Kevoe-Feldman, H. (2018). Making and Impression in Traffic Stops: Citizens’ Volunteered Accounts in Two Positions. Discourse Studies20(5), 613-636.

Kidwell, M. (2018). Early Alignment in Police Traffic Stops. Research on Language and Social Interaction51(3), 292-312.

Kidwell, M. (2009). What Happened?: An Epistemics of Before and After in “At-the-Scene” Police Questioning. Research on Language & Social Interaction42(1), 20-41. doi:10.1080/08351810802671727

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