Lorenza Mondada

In this episode, Elliott Hoey (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) interviews Lorenza Mondada, professor of linguistics at the University of Basel. Professor Mondada is now the world’s foremost authority on the analysis of video recorded social interactions, especially as regards the interplay of multimodal resources for the constitution of everyday and institutional activities. In recent work, she has examined in a series of papers the interpenetration of talk and ambulatory movement, she recently edited a volume on touch in social interaction, and coming out this summer is a monograph entitled Sensing in social interaction. Among many other sites, Lorenza has recorded in wine and cheese shops all over Europe, as well as bakeries and butcheries, in train depots and border crossing stations, art museums and garden tours, and documented activities from dumpster diving to fine dining. Given this truly remarkable breadth of fieldwork, she was the perfect person to talk to about data collection.

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